I wish I was creative so these things would be interesting at least

*noms your tail* x3

*slap u*
don’t be flirty

Your bro huh? Can i see him do it?

why would you want to see my brother hit my arm until I cry



Gummy are did you learn that punch from Captain Falcon?

My bro teached me all of my childhood

who has best butt?


HI!! again.


Orange juice or orange soda?

Orange soda.
pop pop pop in my butt mouth

That sucks. :1

everything sucks


My name is so stupid I mean, my family runs a restaurant. they all have fancy/cute names like WOW I had to have the name of the cheap tasteless candy

mouse art beaches

mouse art beaches

how come I still get followers I’m old, stupid and my grammar is zero good wtf guys go follow the cute circles or the gay human ponies


Gumdrop: she watches hot porn while she thinks I’m sleeping


Anno: *whispering* Gumdrops sleeps like 14 hours per day

silentmech replied to your post:#Ghostideas
Jokes on you, I don’t have a toilet!